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Don’t Wake Me Up


In her softest breath,

in the touch of her warm fingertips,

in the feel of her skin

slipping softly up

against my back, my legs,

there was a motion that made me fluid,

that made me ache for her to take me.

She pulled my hips closer,

her wet lips kissing their way up my spine,

her teeth biting into my neck

made me want her,

made me melt

into the river that sweetly flowed

between my thighs.

Just a whisper on my skin

and all my walls fall apart

In the candlelight

I looked into her eyes

as if they were made of fire

hotter than a summer night

a moment that felt like death

when she made my spirit move

as she commanded my very breath

and took from me …my love

now there’s a salt in my sweet

a trembling like branches underneath the ice

the dreams that act like a memory

my knight, and me dressed in white

the words turn to silence as I wake

I rip the arrow from my broken spirit

the want makes my insides quake

as she slips away, does she not hear it

the sound of my beating heart

the pound of my fists against the pane

the crash as my world falls apart

when she is gone..again

I give my feelings a shove

down they drop into a sea of her in me

My dreams become my only memory

as she releases me…

my love

My heart knows no time

this feeling more and more sublime

as I lay my head upon the shoulder in my mind

once again to sleep, once again to die

and there she comes with a smile that only taunts

across the clouds she flies into my arms

leaving only a dream that haunts

and a wish for all her charms


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