She Walks Down The Path



She walks down the path and finds her place on the sun warmed grass by the water and her mind pours its thoughts like

every ripple that she watches softly rise and fall. It was what she felt, and her fight within, and her flight from it, the

anticipation of the truth, she faded it into a background with the soft stroke of the brush of the role she played, but if you

looked in her eyes, you would see the sparkle fading, you would also see the depth that brought her to it and an ancient 

painting that told the story. 

She was young and so old at the same time, and afraid to face her feelings head on and deal with them, so she buried


beneath the coldness in her, in the places no one else has been, the places where parts of her are frozen for all time. She

had learned how to pull away, how to play the game, how to understand what is misunderstood, to be broken, shattered,

and still, all the pieces of what she was came together in a mosaic that even in her pain, she saw a beauty in between the

dark and saw the light behind the shadows and she held onto that thread that was hope, even though she hit every

branch as she was pulled along, she still looked for something…real…and she healed the wounds. She listened to the music of words that

told a story,

whispered a history, but stilled when the truth dripped from those eyes, stilled on those lips, and she wondered if

she would hear it..ever.

She stares into the wrinkled water, she is like the stones, once jagged and edgy, she has smoothed and like them, she’s

been worn down, each connection like the waves that push against the grains of a rock, breaking away small pieces,

unnoticed as you watch, but never the less happening right before your eyes, soon enough each will be the dust from

which they were formed, and she wonders will they remember..her.. when that time comes. 

She felt the wind, it felt as if it went through her, and she couldn’t watch as the memories blew like the leaves that had

fallen and were lifted to dance again, instead she watched as autumn took their lives one moment and gave it back again,

that is life she thought, you trade one life for another, and she wondered if she would ever feel sate, and safe, if she

would be lifted to dance again.

She looked to the sky, watched as the clouds went from cotton white to reds and pinks and purples and the sun sliding

down the backside of the mountains and she thought, what would it be like to sit upon them and drift along without

cares. Breaking apart and coming together softly like the lips of sweet lovers, in and out of each other, there was no fight

in the joining, no pain in the journey, only acceptance that another day was going by and they had the shelter of the blue

and the cloak of darkness as the moon climbed in the sky spreading out the blanket of wishing stars, she hoped one more


for the dream.

There she lays in the silence and the shadows fall between them, and she wants to reach for the light but the night is

endless. She reaches out for a ghost that only she can remember, it’s all she can do to breathe in the breaths, to feel the

heartbeat once again, to know the touch, to feel..her presence. She stills her heart with tears, she calms the scream with

sobs, she sleeps in the storm, slips away into the dream…but the curse, the blessing, of another day wakes her from it,

the sun, her good morning kiss, and the warm breeze blows the curtains and she closes her eyes for another moment,

watching her walk back into the recesses, the echoes of her footsteps, her voice still against her ear…I love you..she keeps

whispering. She opens her eyes, lights her cigarette, slips her dress over her head…then…she walks down the path, she walks down the path.ImageI love you too..

                                                                                 she whispers








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