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The Fire Breathes


She slips in, the dark of my lust,
she promises without subtle words,
she burns in the flames of my trust,
silent, she pulls at the cords,
She breaks, in all the broken places,
she drinks in the tears of my soul,
she breathes softly against all my faces,
gently, she calms me, I am whole,
She opens me here in the night,
she wipes away the masks that I wear,
she challenges me to take flight,
tenderly, she eases my fear,
She walks in the halls of my mind,
she whispers in the chambers of my heart,
she wakes dreams when nightmares blind,
unaware, the stars that she charts,
She slips in, the light in my eyes,
she chains me to the wake of desire,
she is the blaze of my thighs,
the thorn that tears me like briar,
She binds, the chains I had broken,
she holds me there until it is my will,
she weaves, her words like a potion,
speaking to me as if I were her quill,
She, a phantom, a spirit, a ghost,
she, a breath, a memory, a madness
she, when hope has been lost,
the promise of what is ageless,
She, crawling across my skin,
She, guiding with her fingertips,
she, where I list to when I feel the wind,
her eyes, where my footing slips,
She, a place of death and birth,
She, the dusk and the dawn,
she, a splendid mirth,
just a thought, and my heart is gone,
She, a mystery and a want,
she, the ember to a dying fire,
she, the push and pull, the taunt
I bow down to you my squire




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