The Written..Word


She pulled the warm gray sweat pants and a long sleeved t-shirt from the dryer; went to search her dresser drawer for

her gray lace boyshorts upstairs, turning on a steamy bubble bath on her way to the bedroom . She kicked off her

blue and white sneakers, slipped out of her faded blue jeans, slid her white satin panties down one leg and the other to her frosty

pink painted toes. She  kicked them into the air toward the wicker hamper. She unbuttoned the white crocheted sweater and

hung it on a hook on the door, pulling her camisole over her head as it crackled with electricity brushing across  her long

mahogany  hair. A small smile crept across her lips, softly she traced them with her fingertips. Yes. she has you on her mind.


She closes her eyes for a moment, remembering. Her lips breathing in your cologne, her hands softly caressing the tensed

muscles as they held her, the sweet pain of  of your teeth pulling at her warm tender skin. The smell of lavender filled the room

and she opened her eyes in the clouds of steam. Her naked body damp, she climbed in and floated down into the piles of

bubbles. The heat of the water soothing her instantly, she lays back, her hair surrounding her shoulders and drifts back…to you.



The candles she’d lit were the only light in the room, she sat on the edge of her bed as the towel fell to her waist and began

combing her silky wet hair and then braided it. She lifted the soft towel up around her and dried herself walking back to the

bathroom hanging it on the silver hook behind the wood door. Her clothes still warm felt good against her chilled skin as she

climbed onto the thick comforter and she decided to write…

to you.


My Dearest Sweetest Lover, My heart, My soul, My True Love, My Ang..el


  I think of you more often than I should,

as if I have nothing else to occupy my thoughts or time.

I  see your face, your smile,

that depth in your eyes,

feel you wrapping up in me

and me in you.

I knew from the moment that we met,

that you would change me

from the inside out,

and I have.

From our silences to our laughter,

to those moments when you dive deep into me,

to the tears 


you lift me always to you,

and I catch myself

falling into your gaze,

.I wasn’t given a choice…

to love or not love..

 that fire would burn for you

in me..from the moment we met..

until forever

I know there’s some people who wouldn’t understand,

but I don’t blame them when they only see and hear

from the outside and have no idea

about us.

Our paths to each other

and away

..where points in our lives

when the way wasn’t clear

we were never lost to one another


those travels brought us full circle

home ..always

and you’ve been by my side 

and me by yours

through every turn,

we were never through,

never ever ..really over

we’ve both grown and matured

and learned that life may twist the roads

but we always find our way back..

to us

There was always that calm after the storm, 

there was always a storm within the storms,

and for the first time,

I can say that


really doesn’t fail..

what is pure doesn’t fall away 

or fade through the trials..

I have always been truly blessed

..by you

I consciously fought my feelings,

I even let go and let be

what would.be

I could never be at peace

without you..but there were times 

that I thought that I would

have to be

I failed to realize that,that,

wasn’t where I was going..

at all..

sometimes it felt like it though.

I drifted as if I were on a sea,

and as each sun set

and each moon rose

there was never a day

that you weren’t in my thoughts

or awakening a memory in me

and I was thirsty

and I was starved

and all around me 

nothing but water

nothing but sharks

and I wanted to believe 

that you there with them

I felt alone

but in my heart

I knew where you would always be

where you’ve always been

Why??? do you love her?, they have asked

and the only reason I could ever give


because I do

because I always have

and at least to me,

that is always

what it has felt like

Any tears I’ve cried through the years

have only kept me afloat

and every smile you gave me

shined like the sun on the dark

and the depths I see

haven’t been seen by anyone 

but me..

Thanking you for everything you given to me

doesn’t seem like the appropriate way to show


the map you drew 

the times you’ve cautioned me

the winds blew and I heard you

You’ve given me direction

and cast in stone 

exactly what I mean to you

and when the wind blew it all away

I reached and your hand was there

to pull me back

like you always knew 

where we were going

I have come to know you

like I know no other

and with you,

I know my way…

and if I feel lost

I know you’re there

This is what unconditional love is

what it does

how it acts

how it is 

and how it will always be

Your heart of gold is amazing

I trust you in every way

I have no doubts about where I belong

or where I want to be

I can’t wait to be with you

you’re my best friend

my deepest abiding love

and damn,..you got what it takes


move me


…you have

I love you

I just love you


She blew out the candles and unwrapped her hair and let it fall to her waist. She laid her head on the pillow and pulled up the blankets. A small smile crept over her lips and her fingertips traced them. She had never been so sure of anything and a fire burned through her as the thoughts of you whispered her to sleep…sweet dreams love…












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