We Are Gathered Here~


I lay my head on her shoulder covered by the sleeve of a crisp white t-shirt as my hand slips over her collarbone, I feel her muscles tense, my long pink shimmered nails send a shiver through her. I lift my eyelashes as I watch her close her eyes and slip away, the spell my fingers cast lifts her as they conjure up clouds of fantasy and pull at her spirit, ..but she pulls back. 

My warm tongue finds the hard muscles forming in her neck, my lips tighten down on them and my teeth graze along her damp skin. It shoots through her, lightning striking, her hips beneath her boxers react, I tug and lean into the dance and pull her close, ..but she pulls back.

I close my blue eyes, and fight on through the war in her, my silkened memories feel the arms that reached out to hold me, the fingertips that felt as if love poured out, liquid, and delved deeper than my mind was able to comprehend. Rocking me back, my gown floats softly back from heaven as my long legs quiver. Smooth as mercury finding its way into that dark galaxy where the stars shine from the inside, she goes deeper still. Muscles hard as granite licking tenderly, coaxing spring from the winter. A river of sweet nectar from the bud, her roots clinging to my veins, she plants herself,..but she pulls back.

She holds my hair in her one hand and guides me with the other. Lips swollen from her sting, wet like rain, watching her watching me, riding the waves as I take her into the soft of my throat. She throws back her head like the wild mustangs, her muscles rippling under her skin. Untamed, and I am extinct; dominated and I submit. She sires love, born on the edge, ..but she pulls back.

I push my head, the soft curls of my hair into her shoulder, I lift my eyelashes and watch as she quietly calms. Her fingers wrap into mine and she lays them upon her heart. Her breaths blow away the clouds, the chanting whispers, silence. She trips across the path of her thoughts, and almost falls, ..but she pulls back.

I lift my eyelashes, my dream dissipating into a mist, a distant rumbling of her thunder still coursing through me. A smile drifts across my lips, I stand and push the feelings down. The glisten in my eyes escapes and rolls away like the water that seeks the sea. I let go,  ..but she pulls..




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