And Then ..She Does

Every time our eyes meet~there’s something inside me~(Lonestar~Amazed)


I’ve lived with this love in me for five years. I knew she knew and I knew she was always there, whether we were apart or together. We have always gravitated toward one another and when the sparks flew, they ignited something in us that was just ours.

It’s hard to wait things out, see what comes, push it down and pull it back up. I went underground and watched as the headlights passed by and the moon and the sun came up and went down, rode the skies as I watched her fade into the mountains. I stepped across lines and she drew them in the sand, and always, always, we tested the boundaries. Like a miner, she chipped away at my heart, I tried so hard to let it go and not feel it, but that pick she had was stronger than any rock around the gem. Like velvet I would fold around her and feel the hardness slip away, pressing my lips against the frost, I wanted to melt her, to blow across her soul until the winds of my love moved her. 

I remember the emerald and the sapphire, the strands of chocolate that fell all around, the smell of leather, the poison and the passion that scented that room and my resistance was like a ghost rising from me as she pulled me down. Her passion rose me up like the eagle that she is, taking me helpless in her wings and making me fly, then tenderly kissing the wounds she left on my body, she laid me softly down and brought me back to earth. I drifted to sleep in her strong arms, my body purring against the lion, I had fallen for her, she had taken flight in me.

She is full of detail and her intelligence is as sexy as her physicality. I love our conversations, it’s as if we know each other so well and yet there is so much more to know. She is chivalrous, and well mannered and confident, compassionate and yet behind this powerhouse is such a beautiful soft place to fall. I love being in her shadow with hers touching mine. I feel as though that even though there have been chains, and there has been a fight between spirit and dust, that everything has been for a reason. I wouldn’t go through this for a minute if I didn’t feel those chains break away, or feel the depth that she gives to every layer of love that she pours into me.

I have grown in so many ways, and she has helped me to be, to let go, to hold on. She has torn my heart, and mended what is torn in me. She has built me up into a strength that I had forgotten I possessed. In all the ways that we’ve gone, there, our paths would cross and cross again. I touch that place in me and I sink down into it, she is my quicksand. I am so filled up with the places we’ve been, the memories we have, the moments that belong to only us, that there doesn’t seem space enough to put more, and then..she does. 


Let no one tell you that mountains cannot be moved

Let no one deny what you call your love

I have laid in the valley suffused

These feelings transparent as a rainbow infused

I ask no forgiveness, I stand shameless

For the love I feel for you is pure and blameless

And I know I held my weapons high

Let down my guard every time

Fell on my knees screaming out my battle cry

Laid wounded by this love, so sublime

I would do that if you asked me to until the day I die

Cupid’s arrows my only crime

I will stand for you and still fall down

on my knees for this love endlessly

because you have lifted me to the crown

and I will wear it breathlessly 










One thought on “And Then ..She Does

  1. I really like the imagery you use in this piece. It sounds like a relationship that changed the tragectory of your life and that in and of it self is powerful.

    I’m a Queer womyn doing research in our community, research is important to me because health professionals use it to make decisions about our care. If you are an LBQ womyn over 18 you can get involved by reposting this and by participating at lbqresearch.wordpress.org
    Cheers & With Pride!


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