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But In Here…

You don’t have far to go,

there’s a perfect road inside this perfect storm

that led you right back to where we began.

I stand in a stillness

that followed the rains and the thunder

and I’ve become so much stronger

than you remember.

I began as a woman spinning out of control,

until I hit the curb

and when I did,

I turned this all around.

You thought I had crashed and burned

and that the wounds would back me

into a corner,

but I came out fighting,

my spirit rose

but not as a ghost. 

If only you could see

inside of me,

the outside has aged and grown

but in here, I found my way home.

Is there ever a right way to BE?

I asked that so many times

when I forgot who I was.

I lost myself piece by piece,

left like bread crumbs in a fairytale,

but I came full circle in that forest

and put myself back together

until ..I.. was the tree.

There’s a place, a space that is filled with wonder,

and the deeper that I sank down in its water,

the more I grew down under, losing the masks,

the skin that covered me.

My vulnerability seeped slowly

out of the leaks in the walls

you had pulled down.

I felt my heartbeat stop and thought

I would never be revived.

I believed I was caught up in a tragedy

but even my angels knew it was something holy.

I stood against the winds

that almost blew me over the edge,

laid quiet and curled up in my bed;

and all I could do was feel the rain as it falls

and stare at the moments that were shadows

haunting my soul all around.

I built my armor then, and fought.

It took me years,

but everything I believe in

is standing here in front of me.

I fell through the ceiling of clouds

filled with rainbows,

leaned on lightning and crumbled

like the ground beneath my feet

but the beauty I found

was worth the breaking apart.

I may have become empty,

but I found freedom in the emptying.

I come to you now,

as our paths cross back over..

and over,

and there’s madness in the revelry

and I am crazy…

as ever for you.

I feel your arms wrap me up in a love

that has been broken

but now the pieces fall into place

my heart pounds all the beats

of your words you’ve spoken

and I can see peace has come

from this struggle as I search your face. 

You move me like gravity is defied,
and I see the truth in your eyes,
the way they silently sighed..
and when we both looked
through the darkness
we found our sun.
I want to be your everything,
with my everything that I’ve become.
I want to feel your hand
in the small of my back,
I want you to feel
the backbone I’ve grown.
I want you to know that I find pride
in being yours
and I’ve found pride in being me.
I still expect you to show chivalry,
to open doors,
but let them open in you
and for me too.
And that sway
as you watch me walk away,
my legs that switch
those hips,
that sparkle in my eye,
don’t make me wait
I want you on my parted lips.
Forever…and a day



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