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Angel, Devil, Win

I watched as the floor fell from beneath you,

I swam in the seas that blew your world.

I walked on water to pull you through,

Your promises like knives you hurled.

I bled until my heart bled out,

I believed until there was only dark.

It was storm of faith and doubt

always, there was a question mark.

I once lived in fear and unbelief,

it was the story of my life.

I broke myself and picked up every piece,

pulled out every knife.

I woke up from this centuries sleep,

the one you constantly fed in me.

A sudden knowing of my worth

that you tried to steal, from my birth.

I’ve turned away from those memories,

you no longer exist for me.

I’ve fought to become whole again,

risen far above those seas.

I may have had to build my life,

but I took back every shard.

I made a sheath for that knife,

made easy what was hard.

I was too small to fight this then,

but now I know you’ll die with this sin.

I have found myself, my strength,

a kind of angel, devil, win.

I became the woman I am now,

stepped out and closed the closet door.

I am, is what this is all about,

and you can’t hurt me anymore.Image




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