Rain Of The Stars


Tonight may be the night

I fall for you again,

isn’t it strange that

that has happened

so many times

that I’ve lost count

and like those stars

that are coming out

one by one,

so do these new and deeper


and I am once again undone.

A cauldron stirring,

full of spoken and unspoken words,  

on a fire  of angels and demons.

I wish your eyes were open

but I watch you, they are closed

off in some other wonderland

in between,

without me,

smiling and whispering,

so quiet and so low,

when you give it all away,

it’s more than lonely

I sit awake listening to the drone

of some tv show

the songs pounding in my ears

and somehow they save me

from every little thing you let go,

I don’t belong to those tears.

You have become the symphony

that plays against my soul.

I try to feel the dynamic

but the score changes all the time in me,

and all I can do is stand behind the bars,

chained to all I know.

I count the clouds, feel the rain of the stars

that fall against my spirit

and listen to what the whispers

are telling me as I sit alone

pondering this mystery…





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