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Only Heart’s Desire



Like a feather drifting from the sky, 

It settles on my heart, kisses on my hand, 

misunderstood to understand,

Baby softly I sing my song,

your lullaby

… woven into my skin.

You move closer then part my lips,

You pull me in then shake my hips,

You touch me, with the memory in your fingertips,

I dance that dance then your backbone slips

Like the dark takes the day,

fingers on the barrel of that gun,

the bullet pierces my soul that way,

 the hit makes me sigh and sway

…and sway

You break me apart just to put me together,

You break me like day breaks the dark,

You break through my lace with your  leather,

You break down the walls softly with that feather

…that feather

I could never play hide and seek

I forgot the rules to red light, green light,

I grew from naive to a strength that makes me weak

because with you in me, I found it all that night

…that night

Don’t you know how much you inspire,

Don’t you know you bring me higher

Don’t you know it’s like it’s never been, always been

Don’t you know you’re my only heart’s desire…

only heart’s desire

…that fire










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