The trees outside swayed gently with a warm Spring breeze, she slipped her hand under the soft blanket and pulled it down to her waist. Her skin was warm and her wavy dark hair cascaded down the pillow, laying in wisps upon her back. She woke with a warmth inside her and turned toward her lover moving closer so her scent filled her senses. She looked at the peaceful sleep she was having, a softer look than when she was awake. The sun had climbed the trees and it shined through the branches not quite reaching the open sky above them yet, their soft blue room was dimly lit a dusky color that reminded her of the last light they’d watched together as they talked the night before. The morning brought a newness to their relationship, she felt the waves of love come over her, it had seemed to be something that had been opened that she hadn’t seen as closed until the words spilled from them both.

She had slept soundly, it was as if a weight had been lifted that she had been given a voice and been heard and she had listened to her intently, watched her expression, amazed by the feelings she put into words, unexpected and like a salve over her heart, it moved her. She had felt a depth in the response from her and it was almost as if they’d just met, though they’d shared many things over the last five years, this conversation had been one that brought clarity and even more depth to them. She found herself letting down walls, and there was a great healing in what she had said to her, it was a turning point in the reality that there was a new devotion, a promise of fighting for each other, to make and do this right. She fell in love again, she didn’t just have a love that at times had felt like a lonely place but she believed again, she saw it in her eyes, there was something there that she had thought she had lost, something that she had fought hard to recover but had felt as if she had failed in bringing the sparks back, that fire. She knew now the course it would take, where it was leading. She was in love again…and again…and there was no where she would rather be than in this place right now in love with her amazing lover.


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