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Wide Awake


She stepped into the shower and let the steamy water sting her skin, closing her eyes, she thought of the soft glow of the moon against the clouds that had drifted into its light as they laid on the blanket beneath it. The new grass was soft and cushioned them as she turned to her and cradled her head in her hands. She pulled her in, tenderly tracing her lips, then kissing her deeply as their bodies came up against each other. She slipped her leg up between her bare thighs and the hardness of her jeans scraped against them as she parted them and rolled on top of her pressing her thigh higher until she lifted her hips to hers. She felt herself pressing into the force of her and she clutched her, pulling her closer. One arm behind her head like a pillow as she slid the other along the sides of her body until she reached the hem of her black satin blouse, she moaned gently as she felt her fingertips slide up and cup her breasts, yielding to her touch, she submitted to the bliss. Her body felt as if it was weak with the strength she used to hold her there and she could feel the want climb up her making her silky and wet.

She removed her hand from beneath her shirt and with each button that came loose, she lingered, looking into her eyes that glistened with their own stars. Slowly she worked her way down until the satin lay softly open revealing her lace covered breasts, swollen and hard, a longing for her strong hands, her warm mouth, her wet tongue. A slight breeze came off the water and she could hear the ocean lapping the shore, the beach was quiet and empty as they laid bare, skin to skin as each piece of clothing rippled with the breeze as they fell onto the blanket. The coolness of the air did nothing to ease the heat she felt as she watched her strap on and felt the hardness of her slide up against her. Her fingers slid over her guiding her in as she made her arch her back. The deeper she went, made her want her deeper yet, her nails dug into her hips as she tightened and loosened, pushing and pulling her. The muscles in her arms rippled as she took her, her eyes closed in the pleasure of it, she watched as she broke her open again. The tenderness turned to a rhythm of the pounding of the sea, closer and closer to the skies they flew, the stars exploding inside each of them, they lay joined together, subtle and sweet kisses, holding them there in the moment. They knew they would never part again, their love has strong, heeding to its power they murmured the promise…she knew she would love her forever. 

She stepped from the shower, bending to shut off the water, the room was filled with steam as she dried her skin. A slight smile laid on her red lips and she felt beautiful. Her long red hair dripped down her spine as she gathered it and twisted it into a french twist and pinned it in place. She slipped into her nightgown and pulled on her panties, the silk against the silk of her bare skin felt cool and clean. She slid into the sheets and as she did, her lover’s arm pulled her over to lay on her shoulder, she would have sweet dreams tonight…she already was and she was wide awake.



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