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Get Off Your Horse…



There’s a bittersweet madness in the moments when you realize that you’ve been given insight into a part of your life that you had been living comfortably and it is as if there is a shout in all that silence that startles your senses and wakes you. I suppose being a femme lesbian, I am almost as invisible as a butch is visible, and there’s a mystique about a femme that almost every person I’ve met has no problem with me dating a woman, a butch woman, and I see in their eyes that they find it intriguing and sometimes a turn on and sometimes I even see them curious. I don’t mind being a femme, have never experienced any type of discrimination other than the too often asked, why don’t you just date a man if you want a woman that looks like one, and my answer has always been, because she isn’t a man. It’s hard for people to understand, get the butch dynamic, and lately it has been brought to my attention that within our own community, you know, the world where we don’t have to fear our identity or expressing it, there has been an uprising of social demeaning, almost like, but even more cutting, as the prejudices that we face with some of our hetro community.

I don’t understand why a woman would want to turn her vagina into a penis, but HEY, if that’s who you are and what you feel, I can and DO accept it. I don’t understand why anyone thinks that you having your own..OWN..identity is a PROBLEM. Seriously, where does this judgement come from, fear?..jealousy?..anger? where? I live and love a butch woman, does she blur the line..hell yeah she does..but guess what, she can, and anyone who can’t accept that or calls her out for it is in my opinion, just as much a bigot as any. My community, LGBTQI, and whatever other letters you would like to add is a community of so many different..and beautiful..and handsome..intelligent..hardworking..passive..aggressive..monogamous..polyamorous..diverse individuals and does what they call themselves, does how they choose to live, who they choose to love, make one bit of difference to me..hell no!!! It shouldn’t to anyone, anywhere…our community as a whole has fought years upon years to be OUT…to share the same rights…to be treated fairly, why would anyone on the inside of our community even want to start angst against another part of us…it just doesn’t make sense to me. I accept you no matter how you identify…and it is the person inside of you that makes me want to befriend you …or not.



Don’t Hate…we are suppose to be fighting for each other, not with each other…


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