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Watercolor Kite


There’s no other way to see me

but in black and white

There is something that is nothing

pulling at your lust

Like a fading sun, I start to bleed

like a watercolor kite

Seems like the moon turns too slowly to dusk

The storm that brews

sends me crashing into a familiar sea

Wings clipped, you leave me falling

through the sky

But time after time the water cleanses me

Life lived between the silence

and the sigh

I don’t need a savior

when all the lights go out

Breaths don’t come in heaves

from my chest

Time goes by endlessly,

with, or without

Heart and soul is the one thing  I invest

There is no motive, no agenda,

no compromise

Love is never at the end of my list

It’s the beginning, everything else  

in stride

Here comes the dawn

with a painted smile

Colors dripping from my flight

Something flashes in me that

turns me wild

Reminds me of what would have,

could have been paradise

The clouds seem to dissipate,

rain singing from another place

Drifting on the tender sate

Of a wind that carries doubt away

Slow motion fingertips, a simple gentle dance

The stones below are broken into sand

The ebb and flow of sweet romance

Your breath on me, the fire is fanned

Travelling down different paths

each calling us alone, calling us home

No matter what shadows the sun may cast

It is exactly where we are meant to roam.






















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