Like Butterfly Wings



Sensuality~physical, carnal, bodily, fleshly, animal; hedonistic, epicurean, sybaritic, voluptuary “sensual pleasure”

Touch, passion, eroticism, seductiveness, that sultriness that physicality brings to a relationship, the need for it and the lack of it has become evident, the technological age has become full of words and feelings that drip onto screens and suggestive pleasure has become a misnomer for the real thing~

I prefer physical contact, write with your fingertips on my skin, tell me a story with your body, the sight and scent of her wrapping around me, lifting me with her strong arms, her hands in my long hair, stroking, tugging, pulling herself to me. Wet warm skin, mounds of bubbles laying against my body, her hand sliding up my thigh, the arch of my toes as her fingertips slip over the silk skin, across my hips, between my legs. The chill of the air, the warmth of her lips, the tug of her teeth sinking into the tender flesh of my shoulders, the path of her tongue tingling as she finds her way, hands grinding against my muscles. Hands slipping around my waist, fingers catching a wisp of my hair, soft sweet kisses, being held, holding her, the velvet of a rose as I breathe it in, the breeze on a steamy day, spring grass under my feet, the shock of cold water when I jump in, the fur on my puppy, that baby smell ..the good one 😉 , spring showers, misty air, the splash of waves across my toes…the beauty of the stars and the moon, the shadows of the sun…the sound of low chimes…the smell of fire, cookouts, popcorn, bacon, her voice, her emotions, her…sultry, passionate… I live for the sensuality that life brings me, there should be more…Image


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