Deal With IT!!!!

A new kind of sexual harassment…doesn’t it beat all? In a community of people, who throughout hundreds of years have fought to be equals with the majority, fought for rights that essentially have been written into the constitution and have been the brunt of discrimination from being verbally, being hurt physically and even murdered because of their sexuality and have suddenly realized many rights, have become more notably recognized and respected within the parameters of a mostly hetrosexual society, and have even won the right to marry in some states and have that marriage recognized federally, have suddenly found themselves embroiled in a battle within their own ranks, harassing one another about labels, poisoning the web with their attitudes about what is politically correct usage of language among our peers, and words…words that have been used for centuries to identify cultures among our community are being thought of as derogatory and demeaning. What is wrong with people, do we have to constantly create hurdles, create drama, be insatiable, have something or someone to tear apart? Haven’t we banded ¬†together for years, to each their own, be who you want to be, believe in your community, support those who are experiencing prejudice, fight for our rights, label yourself, don’t label yourself, where do we get off thinking that it’s OK because it’s within the context of the umbrella of the GBLTQI..etc. etc. to judge, to harm, to accuse, to call out, to rewrite, the very history that has and is formed by us and those who have come before us…WAY BEFORE US!!! How dare you judge ANYONE for their choices when you of all people KNOW what it means NOT to have choices! If I want to call myself a femme, a butch, a trans, a deep fried clam in a suit..who the hell are you to tell me different, what gives you that right? My culture, my butch~femme culture doesn’t make me any different than you, the words I grew up using and being proud of aren’t said in a derogatory manner, the rules we so adamantly fought against to gain our rights, many of which are still being denied, aren’t right BUT now..I see rules being made up within our own community…don’t address this one as that…don’t call yourself by a label or identify with a single culture within our culture as a whole…are you kidding me? Have we come this far, fought this war, just to start one among ourselves? Grow the hell up, get over yourself, go bark up someone else’s tree…how about putting your efforts toward the betterment of our community instead of attacking parts of it that YOU don’t identify with..who cares what you identify with, I sure as hell don’t! You do you, I’ll do me, and we can ALL do this collectively, with respect for each other, with integrity, that is where our power lies..not in the sick minds of a few radicals who think they can call the shots, make the “rules” and demand each of us follow them..well sorry to tell you, I’ve always been a rebel…and will die one…and you, you’ll just fade away like the rest of the nonsense that you spew. That’s my two cents…well…ok maybe a little more than that…but deal with it, or walk the fuck away.Image


One thought on “Deal With IT!!!!

  1. Excellently said / written! I’m so sick of the in-fighting it’s just irritating and makes me sad. Even in public, we encounter each other (lesbians that is) and avert our eyes, don’t even say hello…what’s up with that anyway? Any ideas?


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