Twilight’s Dawn


 No words can explain what she is feeling, 

it’s hard to put melancholy into sentences,

to make anyone understand what her heart believes in.

Sometimes she feels ethereal when her spirit is at its weakest.

The tears come from a place whose depth can’t be explained,

her laughter from the heaven she knows,

though she prays from a place whose miracles keep her chained,

the night’s silence is where she believes and grows,

there’s no words to make anyone see the longing,

or the hopeless world she knows,  she leaves behind in the darkness,

wanting to fall into a stillness but never quite belonging,

there is no understanding, no compassion that can break this,

her voice becomes a hush as those words climb over  it

there’s a time you try to give it all, make yourself seen

there’s a moment that you realize you will never fit

that life isn’t a fairytale or living in a dream

She sees the lines in the mirror,

fate breaks through the door,

every beat of her heart clearer,

she watches the sky from the sands of a distant shore,

Love that crashes into her and love that pours,

She stands among the waves,

feeling stronger when she pulls at the oars,

a blessing that lifts her over the quiet graves,

how she feels the thunder when it rolls over her soul,

it whispers against the bittersweet,

of what is and what has gone,

all the storms she weathered no matter how hard they beat,

she lifted the sails, cried to the bitter winds,

inspiration came with the wails, forgiveness for all her sins

No words could explain this living, this death,

no courage in her bones to try,

how do you live when you’ve given away the greatest gift

and all you have is time to die,

when the sparks of passion are but an ember,

when the stars that once lit your own fire

are something no one can remember

when the day to day is void of real desire






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