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Tumbling like the weeds rolling through the sand,

a sense that being lost is being found,

finishing the unfinished nothing left to understand,

she breaks apart what she has bound,

like a lighthouse, its beacon shining,

calling out to an unfelt touch,

 love’s eyes closed to the light that’s blinding,

its spirit locked down as it watches the waves of lust,

no need to explain away the words,

no answers,  for she questions nothing,

she sees the picture, feels herself moving forward

she sees the story, the ending that it brings

loneliness and sadness, she called her home,

fireworks that lit the skies fall to the earth and sigh,

the wind in her is her only direction, sitting alone,

her wings take her away looking for just one.. more ..high,

love leans in but its spirit gets pushed back,

though she longs, she knows no compromise,

she lays love down on the cold steel track,

breathing its last breath, it tries to rise,

but she crushes it with her heel and walks on

as if she might miss a morning ray,

another’s setting sun,

never satisfied, she gives it all away,

every angel in the wings sings to her,

not conscious of the sin,

her life becomes an endless blur,

picking at the thoughts that may reign her in,

she drowns them in the waves outside the door,

like a sinking ship goes down with its captain,

she searches forgetting that she just left the shore,

she grasps at the weeds and the garden dies,

she looks in dark places between sleep and the dawn,

as her queen lays behind closed doors with only sighs,

drifting back off into dreams, she knows she’s already …gone…





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