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Tick Tock..Goes The Clock


tick tock

Her fingertips slid slowly

across the golden key,

traced the curves of

the  rusty lock,

one door a cell,

one door that can free,

tick tock..goes the clock

Her whispers

through the window,

breathing in the air,

sun on her face,

the stars wink as dusk

steals the glow,

where, oh where,..

is she in this place,  

Her fingers wrap around

my own,

listening, she hears a knock,

in a moment she is on her knees

to kneel,

tick tock..goes the clock

She sings words that never

leave her throat,

the last strain, the last dance

around the moon,

through the clouds

she will float,

heart pierced by 

love’s harpoon,

her angel face,

so peaceful

sleeping with breathless lips,

the golden thread slips

through the needle,

no loosening the grips,

letting go forgets holding on,

a path of memories where I walk,

she wakes me to the colors of dawn,

tick tock..goes the clock,

In the wind she calls,

a whisper in my ear,

remember this,

let go of that,

on my cheek

a tender tear,

love is a battle,

a surrender,

the sting of its whip

a shock,

all spirit do we render,

tick tock..goes the clock,

I sat and watched her

slip away,

a sigh of deep relief,

there was nothing left

to say,

my heart broke

with grief,

my spirit and soul screamed


her spirit wrapped around me,

in her rainbow frock

she whispered, always believe,

tick tock..goes the clock,



I’ll always BE









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