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She Will Be The Dark

Darken the skies, pluck every star,

wrap in the moonbeams, head on a cloud,

blow on the flame, make her skin char,

wrapped up in her, in passion’s shroud,

Blades of your fingertips deep in her skin,

tearing and ripping her weeping soul,

secrets and fantasy buried within,

she fades away as you take the ghost,

eyes that have seen what they have seen,

no spark or shimmer, she, just a host,

fires of reality stinging and keen,

painfully just your whipping post,

pen in hand, the blood her ink,

her sun shines on dark cold paper,

her muscles bend and slink,

as she cuts out hearts with that razor,

for she will see and at once she will know,

another sky beckons, calling her home,

she’s worn that armor protecting her spirit,

she wields her heart as a sharpened saber,

her heart still beats though you’ll never hear it,

for her it feels like betrayal, you are not her saviour,

Darken the skies, pluck every star,

wrapped up in moonbeams,

she travels afar..

for in the end, she will have her dreams..

in her there is no sin or shame,

her heart knows the cold hard truth,

you will go as you came,

and she will be the one you love in the dark…l67

choosing the ghosts over the dame..
































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