Your Last Sigh


Criss cross, the shadows slip

silently into my room,

closing me in, let them cover

the light that escapes,

your eyes tell me of barren deserts,

of a magic that spilled out from within,

the floors creak with the footsteps

the walls shut out the sun,

I am numb inside,

nothing hurts behind the drapes,

there used to be dreams that I saved up, 

wishes made on falling the stars,

there’s nothing left to trust,

in the end it follows me down

and tears me apart,

only cobwebs left that

sway in the night,

wrapped in silk, the pictures,

the memories, a life,

somehow the rain is diamonds,

pouring from my eyes

clinging to silver strings,  

I want to cut with a knife,

I am drifting and can’t touch bottom,

but you’ve somehow kept me afloat,

I scream out your name from where I’ve fallen,

send a bottle with a note, where does my soul go

without you,

what do I do

you are like a sacrifice and I the stone,

how do I raise you to the sky,

when instead of love, I would rather be

your last sigh,

than stand here without you, alone,

you cover me, my soul soars

to a place of rest,

your wings rising me to a sky

above the storm,

now I sit as each wave rises

with its crest,

as I watch my world transform,

I can’t dive in, let go of the line,

my blood course through my veins,

fires that turn me to ash, to refine,

your heart in me in chains,

my heart in you enslaved,

the pages of my life turn before my eyes,

whispers and promises ripped away,

my own spirit fighting my demise,

the dust that falls on my head,

covering everything I remember,

I lay in the dark with my pillow wet,

under it all, my buried treasure,

somewhere in my dreams you light upon

all the sorrow, and I see your face,

I walk the road to meet you in the beyond,

a road that travels through the fates,

once again there’s a reason why,

once again there is a way,

once again you wipe the tears I cry,

and I wake up in your arms,


make it

through the day




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