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That’s When You Take Me

touch me

that touch,

like water it poured

over the edge,

cascading down me,

casting the stars into the sky,

slivers of the moon’s beams,

that voice whispering,

pounding against the drum,

my heartbeat, my wings open,

 from the ledge,

catching me with..that sigh,


shadows tangled and woven,

a tapestry sewn thread by thread,

knots that will never untie,

in that twilight left shimmering,

those memories bursting into fire


everything in slow motion,

deep and deeper you go inside,

the silkiness simmering,

the storm across my skin may shred,

but for your lips, my healing potion,

the dance, the moment,

your hands on my hips,

time being stolen…

and there you are in my head,

your spirit glimmering,

forever my love is blind,

deep and deeper into this ocean,

that is where my heart slips…

when our time is flickering…

that’s when you take me,

body, soul and mind.



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