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Shy Side Down/Sunny Side Up

Shall I whisper to my moon all my secrets

So she can reveal them all to you

Hold in the feelings I’ve had since we met

Drink you in like sweet morning dew

Should I break all the rules and my compass

Slip quietly inside you ’til you feel the stillness

You come at me like the winds that gust

Showing me everything I might miss

Is the answer in your angel eyes

I see you blow by in the sunset clouds

Pouring your rain down as I rise

Bending me like tender spring boughs

When you search for me when I’m gone

What is it that brings you to that place

I believe I’m the diamond in the stone

You come and leave without a trace

Do I believe there’s so much more

There’s no doubt in my melting mind

The fire in the sky tells me I’m sure

I don’t have the time to rewind

Am I broken, never again in this life

There’s sparks flying from my fingers

There’s not another minute I’ll waste on strife

When there’s so much power in what lingers

Is it in the stars, predestined fate,

She bows down to take my hand

There’s an altar on which she lays in wait

Keeping the love alive, the flames fanned

She whispers sweet on the soft of my ear

Nothings that break me open

Have I turned a blind eye to the fear

There is no mask, no doubt, no coping

As I sink inot the ground she’s become

I dance naked on her spirit and soul

She says what’s done is done

There is no dust in her tears as they flow

Do I let down my guard to be burned by her sun

There are walls but she’s found a window

She breaks through my doubt, every…pain

Like the colors of a prism, beauty inside

How does she move my body with her brain

Make me wonder, make me hide

There’s a wild in me, never tame

Shall I awaken the beast with tender sighs

Sun through the raindrops take this heart so far

Rings like the planets shimmering

Should I wish a wish upon her wishing star

Slip into silk and satin, my hair glimmering

Show her the dreams saved up in a jar

Stir them with my wand, cauldron simmering

Until I rest quietly in her arms

Tell me, tell me..every secret cast by the moon

On the ground as you laid me down

I left the morning sun too soon

To chase a fickle dawn

I wonder as I feel that gentle breeze

The storm sits on the horizon

I see you, in the stone, in the shadows, in the trees

You know..I wonder, waiting for that calm

She bows down to take my hand

Whispers in the hollows, echoing in empty caverns

Washing over me, wave on sand

My sleeping dragon breaths a fire that burns

Shall I call you forth and we take wing

Can you hear my heart pounding

Should I softly sweetly sing

As I am mounting

The sparks of promises pierce in flight

She says what’s gone is gone, no regrets

I will pull apart the universe tonight

She will be my sweet dreams, she will be my deepness


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