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Slip Under

In those minutes between the dark and dawn,
the softest breath breathing against my skin,
reality and dreams mix until morn’,
no one knows where I have been,
sun and moon lay down their heads,
they close their eyes and time stands still,
that is where the demon treads,
where the angels bend my will,
a sweet kiss upon my warm lips,
a hand that pulls me around my waist,
the tender way you pull my hips,
whispering I love you forever and a day,
a mist of love and lust lingers in the air,
in the moments between the dark and dawn,
the shadows dance over my closed eyes,
I take you as you come,
I feel you in my deepest sighs,
walking around my soul like it’s always been your home,
the waves crash thought upon thought,
I walk the floors remembering the storm,
always a price to pay for the cost,
I fall to pieces like broken glass,
the edges worn by the sea in me,
I slip quietly under the blankets of what was,
into my bed alone with my love,


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