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Eleven, Eleven

there’s a line we cross
when we leave the other side

that place where love never ever
knows the dark

there’s a star that crosses
all the skies

a memory of you that plays again
when it sparks

the angels are singing
when I look again into those eyes

that touch that makes my heart
and hell, remember heaven

whispers that our spirits promised
that voice never dies

wishes when the clock struck
eleven, eleven

there was a moment when I felt you
mingle with me

a moment when I left the confines
of His mansion

there was a time when we came together,

one more life, another chance
for passion

soulful and souless, we will always
be one

go away, stay, go away, stay,
just one more time

we pass the same way
until the knot has come undone

those angels will carry our souls
back to the light

where you will be my moon,
and I will be your sun

where we will never know
that we ever saw this night



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