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When There’s Nothing


like walking on a tightrope,
our lives are
back and forth,
between the separated points
of despair and ecstasy,
under the planets,through
and back through
each door,
we create our life in pieces,
our ever turning galaxy,
we rise in the morning and
the same sun hits our skin,
we shatter with its light
come together under the moon,
everything ends when
there’s no more story to tell,
we call out the universe,
and sometimes it walks us
through hell,
life draws its map
upon our physical face
some drawn with hard lines
some you can’t even trace
look in the eyes and see the signs,
listen to the words and
sometimes you find grace
never more power than living
in today
nothing is said when there’s
nothing left to say,
you can hang yourself with
the ropes of the past,
work all the time and
forget how to play,
there’s never more truth
than in every stone
…..that you cast
just one more pool
one more crashing wave
sing in the shadows where
no one hears your voice,
or bring it to the table ,
make a choice,
everything that spins,
can create a web,
every story has its beginning
and its end,
you can look life in the face
and live a lie for the rest of time
or you can turn it around,
everyone makes mistakes,
you can open eyes
or leave them blind,
open your lips and speak
or not make a sound,
but the legacy you leave
is all you really have,
your memory lives on
in a heart,
if you can’t give it your all,
don’t give it half,
when you’re falling apart,
believe there’s a reason,
when you’re coming together,
….you’ll see the season
talk to the angels,
whisper to the moon
bring out the doubts,
corner them too
beat back the fear
of walking
let go, cry every tear,
give it all away
feel it like the light feels you
never more power than living in today
nothing is said when


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