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Even There

the words that melt on her lips and pour out into the world, so full of honey,

no one sees in the darkness, where the spirit is black as pitch,

no one feels the warmth that is bottled up inside that bottle of sunny,

she swims in the stars looking up at the world from a muddy ditch,

the wishes that were never answered as they streaked across the sky,

the mirror reflects it and she stands there looking at the broken promise,

the truth of the matter is, through the truth, she sees the lie,

feels them on the paper lips with her salty kiss,

behind closed lids she whispers that name as she falls asleep,

the walls have memories as her fingertips slide along the shadows,

she took back her faith from the deep,

she slipped behind the mountain, into the hallows,

the wolves howl at the fire shining on her face,

her tears collected by the clouds, fall into a rolling sea,

her heart falls to pieces in the waves,

there is beauty even there, it is her reality



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