beauty · passion

Covered By Her Ice


Wake up to a cloudy day,
the sky opens, every tear falls down
The hidden walls make you ache
when the pieces shatter
without making a sound
the thunder rumbles words unspoken
lightning flashing in your mind
every thought falls like rain
the clouds float over what is broken
there is
…no pain

Wake up to the fire covered by her ice
the eyes close to the flame’s reflection
the windows blown open
make you quake
when the mistakes take you
far away, to her,


the shore holds in the memory
a smile, a skipping stone,

when skies were blue

There’s flares that fill the air
and you watch as they fall
into the darkness of her eyes.
That accidental drowning,
under her water you’ll be pulled
believing she will lift you from there
how easily she’ll let you let go
when the karma is culled.
you took it as your own

…my soul

The curve of your back like a wave
legs wrapped around me like a raft
across the mountains whispering, I crave
I feel those eyes through the veil of the past
was it you I was meant to save
stealing my breath away
burning as we crash
…my first,
my mast

This ship sails on to the horizon
the breeze in your hair twists like it’s storming
you, like a wind blown by seduction
skin like the sky red in the mornin’
silently slipping across a velvet sea
don’t make any assumption
there’s the secret, the connection
you may take her gratification,
but it is I

that you will make bleed





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