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Ashes To Ashes


There is no distance between heaven and hell
The sound of your voice or the stories you tell
There is no mercy when it comes to love
It pierces, bleeds, heals, like an eagle, a dove

There is no sense between the fight and who’s right
The back words and silence come in the night
There is no promise made that should be broken
the dreams, closed eyes, cutting my soul open

There is no holding back a world coming undone
The pretty pictures burned up with the dawn of the sun
This life, before you, held in by mountains surrounding
Came down like a landslide, like wave on wave, pounding

There is no breaking in the morning light
The compass shattered when you broke me that night
There is no desire that pays the price
No return on the sacrifice

There is no strength left wrapped in your arms
The poison poured into your skin, your charms
The truth slips out tearing apart
The salt on my lips stinging my heart

There is no line between dark and light
The shadows still fall against the water at night
There is a calm within this storm, a wish
It curses and blesses, the lion, the fish

As I stand here looking back
down those roads,
I remember you carrying me
my prince of toads,
And when I turn to steady my step,
I can push back your words,
no promises kept,

And my heart can still see
the shine in your eyes,
And I somehow forgive
and bury my sighs,
As I wonder, I wander,
through each mountain pass,
maybe my next life will be my last,

for I know now that I’ve loved you before,
and love is eternal, forever more,
As I stand here watching the spirit in you
I feel it all here in the deep, in the blue,

The pain of the passing, the key in the lock,
The rise of being reborn, the tick of the clock
The days full of not enough of
The seasons between that brings us
back to this love



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