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Notches In My Skin

She said,

Now there’s mountains in my way,
barefoot in the rain, and all I want to do as
a river, wandering wherever it breaks through,
is lay in this wet grass with you,
no umbrella to hold in the thoughts,
only velvet chains that won’t let go
no wind to blow it out,
hand in my hair pulling me down,
ring around the rosie with no pocket full of posies,
ollie ollie in come free, but does she,
only those breaths that cool my warm damp skin,
no one here to call me in,
flashlight tag sends out a signal,
the fireflies twinkle, even they hold onto their sparkle,
tag you’re it, the dark sips in your shadow, so quiet, so still
you took what was innocent and bent my will,
be sweet and bend at the waist whispers in my mind,
it’s a hunger that will course through me for life,
there’s more than one answer when I cross the line,
notches in my flesh as you wield the handle of your knife,
these blue eyes singing row row row your boat,
as I slip under your spell, you make it float,
how gently this stream turned to rock and roll,
when it came to holding on, letting go
Romeo Romeo you’re my hamlet
Juliet let your hair down
words meant for that girl you wont forget
you can touch me, kiss me awake on the couch
but Rapunzel escaped the hollow tower
when what has Ben struck that magic hour
fairytale endings leave the high heel on the step
no princess coach, the taxi has left
twinkle twinkle little star
I can see right where you are
give to me this wish I wish tonight
that you remember me in the light
and more than that I wish
wishing for my kiss
you taste me in the dark
as you meet me there in the spark
where long legs are climbing fences
webs wrapping up your senses
this queen wont abdicate her crown
close your eyes or you will drown
the drawbridge drawn with words you spoke
won’t help you cross over the moat
As I lay here down to sleep
the raindrops running down my feet
the river’s roar, a wanderlust
no umbrella to hold in the thoughts
those velvet chains that won’t let go
the only fairytale, I know


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