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She Was Never Really Broken


even when it shattered it was unspoken, she was never really broken,
she’d slip on those stockings, click her heels while she was walking,

that switch in her hips felt like a beating
when she crossed and uncrossed her legs,

you could feel the poker heating,
she’d brand you with her kiss,burn you down with that twist,

swirl that blush wine in her crystal, are you excited or is that just your

even when it mattered it wore a wall of armor,she stayed strong, there was steel in her
she’d tighten that corset, slip on that dress like it was wet,

she knew what she wanted
and that’s what she’d get

one look in her eyes and it showed, it was a fire that was blown on,
across an ocean, through the hills, lost in lost emotion

even when tears splattered, she let down her firey hair
slipped in each finger running her long nails through it

make a move toward her
one look in her eyes and you’ll see

come here closer or..
you blew it…

those swaying hips against her skin, pulling and pushing you in
don’t think she needs to satisfy, this dance isn’t do or die,

even when she heart scattered, splattered, mattered, shattered
she’ll always slip on those heels, slide the silk to her hips, because it is
…what feels

the moon howls to her soul, the sun heals her warm and slow,
she kneels and you plant your seed, until her spirit makes you heed,

she is that fantasy, that reality, that never ever

even when she comes, she goes, you’re her dirty sweet deed,
oh, you thought you could walk over broken glass,
let’s see if you have that kind of class,

tread softly because something in her will cut through you,
she’ll come to your mind, no mercy, drown you in the blue,

she’ll tip her crystal for you to fill,
and you will,

your eyes will wander to the edge of the lace
and never forget her face,

then she’ll give you a playful shove,
oh, you thought this was love

the waltz will never forget how tame
she whispered your name, what a shame

she’ll be that ghost in your arms,
swaying like the branches full of charms,

Even when she was shattered it was unspoken,
she was never really


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