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Now Let’s See Who’s The Stone


She walked out from the mist,
an arrow in her hand,
I thought I would rise up,
but I fell for that kiss,
She said, “come on! let’s roll”
I climbed up in that truck,
my heart like a map,
rolling down the road,
no diamonds from the coal,
She wore her redneck
like a northern star
I watched the shine
shining from her back
from those silk stockings
that I wore
I was at her call and beck,
like a firefly trapped in a jar
and all she said was,
“remember, this is mine”
She stepped out into the dust,
her bow drawn back,
I thought I would survive,
but I fell for her lust,
There she is, always
waking me up in my dreams,
just as I’m ready to dive,
there I am walking the track,
here I am, whistles blowing
the sweetest kiss, goodbye
and the sun is up and glowing,
and she says, ” someday,
one more time,
my path, you’ll cross”
She doesn’t see every cut,
the embers that roar to a fire,
She doesn’t see the cliff,
or know that I know how to fly,
She whispers words,
she never hears the sound of
another’s lips,
I’m no angel, but I’ll always be that star
across the sky
full of one desire,
that sudden glow
of holding on
and of letting go
She says ” I am the only spark
here in the smoke”.
my hand slipped and
there went the string of my bow
the arrow straight through
until she broke
I said, “now let’s see
who’s the stone…”
She looked over her shoulder
one more time
the leather underneath her skin
pierced by the softest arrow
the nails and the silk
she felt the cold and the fires
that had molded this stone
femme and fell to her desires…


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