Book Of Silence

I have learned to put aside the cold,
the heat isn’t very far away,
when you hold in your heart,
there’s a reason for the chains,
Holding back the tides takes a wall,
still waters pull me in,
if there’s cliffs to walk, places to fall,
I can’t find my balance in waves,
I have spoken only when I can find my voice,
silence is safe,
when you’ve grown from a world
where sand held in the roots,
maybe then you’d put on your boots,
maybe my soul would be stirred
when I have that someone
who can understand,
pulls me in by the hand,
believes that love doesn’t come
and my footing would
finally be bound,
that lost innocence
Sometimes when the depth
comes out of the corners
of my eyes,
and the river winds through the memories,
it comes out
in sighs,
A broken place in me
that changed from dark into light,
So if you see something you cannot fathom,
that’s alright
I climb mountains in my mind,
so many times I’ve fallen to the ground,
but it’s there on my knees, I find
the words,
if you understood,
you’d recognize the sound.
Echoes from the valleys
over and over,
you’d never wonder why my heart is
under cover,
I could try to explain
the beauty in the pain,
but then you’d see the scars
I just can’t open the wounds again
when I bleed, I want you to hold me
heal me
within your
take me back to that place
take me to the stars
break through to the sea in me,
if only you knew that sometimes
this place feels so lonely,
if you dove into the depth of my eyes,
you’d see the flash and build the fires
if only you walked that dirt road with me
you’d see the clouds of dust where my life
was lived in my soul, in my fantasy,
maybe then,
but again,
another knife
so I keep it here inside
so I don’t bleed
If only the footsteps told the story,
I’d be on my way to glory,
but part of me hasn’t found that voice,
there’s something in me that isn’t choice,
that doesn’t make a sound,
and someday if you listen,
maybe it’ll make you feel,
maybe you’ll turn around…
maybe then…
you’ll see
all the wonders that I’ve found
in the book of silence
I’ve written inside of me..
and the words will finally be
…set free


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