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Water To Drink, A Place To Drown


Come sit a while with me, the moon is almost full,
the clouds coming in, a storm is brewing
There’s wings of angels that pass through,
a strange silent pull
in the winds that are blowing,
Come hear the quiet voice singing low,
the sweetest sound from where she flew,
That night moans and cries from above,
drifting down as the sweetest love,
Come drift away with me with your soul,
open your mind and you will hear it,
here and there we stand all alone,
it is there that I can touch your spirit,
Come lay with me, the stars are falling, we were one
the rain came and washed you away,
the tears are falling but we’re never gone,
a connection so powerful
the sparks light and we play,
a passion we can’t cull
Come sit a while with me, I can see you again beside me
Those angel wings passing through,
The sweetest smiles with eyes so deep
they pull me in where I dare to go,
they pull me into your eternal sleep
Come take my hand as we touch the sky again
nothing else could ever take me so high
even through the storm, that thunder cracks
lightning strikes and I die in the flame
of those feelings leaving as they had come back
Come and go as you may, like the waves
there’s water to drink, a place to drown,
where I can breathe, and where that breath saves
Nothing but the silence in this sound
as I sit here in the dark
your voice echoing through the caves
Come and put your ear up to the whisper in the night
as the moon pulls up the covers, in the glow
I watched until you were no longer in sight
into that light where all things are known
where angels walk,
…..where angels cry
one more sigh


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