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Bring It To The Floor

Almost to the moon,
I fell back to earth
those hands that had
stilled me, let it all go
but I got this,
it never killed me
had it locked
behind that door
pulling together the parts
that broke
nothing left to do
but bring it to the floor
Almost caught the stars,
but nothing here but
ashes in my hair
watched it turn into
then it passed by,
seemed like hours
never can pull me down
nothing left to do but
spread my wings and sigh
can’t begin again when you
brought it to its end
nothing left to do
turn up the sound
Almost went far enough,
hand in hand
in the city lights
slipping off the glove
felt like touching ice
it almost felt like
feeling those fingers
on my skin
just forgot to
let it in,
Almost forgot to draw the line,
then I saw
the impression
the sand shifts in the tide
I don’t know
who you think you’re foolin’
wouldn’t stand around
cuz it can’t stand at attention
funny how you think
you’re schoolin’
maybe it’s in the sorrow
that you
Almost picked up
the phone to talk
had to stand my ground
and walk
won’t make excuses for disorder
I draw the line at that border
with a heart that’s been naked,
bleeding, but I
can take it
this promise means nothing..
someday my phoenix will rise
and I may answer the door
so you go left and I’ll stay right
when I bring it
to the floor….


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