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Like A Room Without A Door


Breaking through to a soul,
knowing which way to go.

Knowing a spirit before you meet,
is like being awakened though you sleep.

Speaking as if you have the dream.
Breaking on me, you’re the wave I need.

Hearing the words echoed back,
Baby, you keep me looking down that track.

You once told me the secret,
it’s like you just couldn’t keep it.

Some say they’ve loved each other before,
but this feels like a room that never
had a door.

This country road, those city streets,
everything with you is familiar to me.

Everything came so simply complicated,
easy to walk around what’s never been gated.

The first and the last
to break the stone
into sands.

I can see that you remember,
like the spot you took me to forever.

You look at me and you know I know,
I’m here, where I’ve been, where time doesn’t go.

You take me there, and here,
you take me

Your body like a slow caress,
slips off my tongue like you
slip off my dress.

I know you over and over then,
from this life to living again and again.

From that moment that I saw your face,
I knew I’d never left this place.

And when we’re joined, it’s eternity,
it flows like an electric energy.

Some say they feel like they knew the one,
but for me there’s no knowing when all is said
and done.

There was never, I think I’ve loved you before,
because this is a room that was built without a door.



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