passion · spirit · Strength

Nothing Stays That Never Goes

She aches within the hushes
She stirs within the hurricane
like the water that by the willow, rushes
like the petals ripped by the wind, rain

She speaks within the silence
She wanders within the within
the voice of darkness, defiance
fingertips that leave a trace, skin

She walks without the without alone
She says nothing stays that never goes
raising her arms to touch the storm , throne
life running across her heart, exposed

She seeks the north on her compass
She floats across the sunset sky
like fluttering silk blown by a breath, sumptuous
like the satin of her as she melts in the warm, sigh

She sleeps bringing her soul to rest,
She wakes as the beast opens her lashes
the depths of the ocean pulling her under, pressed
no defence when it becomes surrender, ashes

She touches the heat and there’s a fire
She says anywhere is nowhere with direction
the sharpest stone wrapped around her, briar
piercing her with memories of her, affection

She is the crack in the foundation
She is the healing within the healing
a hunger that brings on a thirst, damnation
a sweetness on the tongue, kneeling

She sets her sails for a horizon
She breathes her perfume seeping in
pulled from the waves twisting, ocean
difference within difference, sin

She longs for the endlessness never born
She is the touch awakening like rage
eternity in the eternity a whisper, sworn
written in spirit soul and blood, engage

She connects what is connected
She weaves what was with what has always been
going under just to reach the surface, invested
in the moment of every moment, again


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