love poems

There’s Always One


If the sun seems a little hotter,

if the rain makes it a little cooler,

there’s always a place to run,

there’s always one.

She whispers but the words

never cross her lips,

She passes through,

breathlessness in her hips.

The quiver of her soul,

shaking her from heaven down below.

If her hair shines like the fires,

if she burns down her heart with desires,

life may seem to rearrange,

but her love doesn’t change.

She seems as though she’s falling in,

but you won’t hear her voice, her sin,

after all is said and done,

there’s always that place to run,

there’s always one.

She pulled her hair down off her crown,

let the waves fall all around,

she let the moonlight pull her in,

blurred the edges of rememberin’,

daughter of the night, gone at dawn.

There will be a day when she doesn’t run,

there’s always one.

If love were a shadow,

if time had a place to go,

they wouldn’t play so easily behind her,

today would always be the first.

There wouldn’t be anywhere to run,


there’s always









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