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I Am Slain


I watched you spark
when you slept,
saw the fire
when there was
softly wrapped my fingers
in your hair,
saw the dreams you left behind,
…in your eyes,
I walked the floors
when you’d leave,
felt the desire when you
came back to me,
gently you held me
to your chest,
feeling when your breath
turned to sighs,
I heard those words
that laid it bare,
in every dare, it’s what I said,
cutting through me,
or rather, what’s left
I saw underneath
the brokeness,
all the truth I didn’t
want to hear
watched as you tumbled
back to earth,
saw the sadness
that loosed the pain,
the bliss still on
my fingertips,
and as my spirit
I stood in the falling rain,
wishing I could
figure it out,
sweet nectar still
on my lips,
and as my will
funny how you had
no doubt,
my nails making those
hips slip,
my heart ready to
but that’s not what
I’m about,
I let it soak me
to my skin,
just won’t ever
wash away,
pushing and pulling me
back in,
nothing ever as it seems,
lightning striking once,
as you ruined me,
I am slain
…one of your broken dreams
reality can’t tame



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