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When I Go There

alan watts
Passion, that rising up inside that awakens my spirit, that drive to accomplish something,
the total belief that …I will. Passion and belief seem to go hand in hand and then it happens.
My heart beats for it.

It’s hard to understand me, and I know that all too well. I feel
as though there’s a piece of me that never left the heavens, the
spirituality that can well up in me is something that, at its peak,
feels as though I am but the chalice being filled to overflowing.

My passion seeks out those moments of unconditional connection
where every cell is lifted exploding out into the universe. That energy
proves to me that there is nothing that begins and ends,
there it is..again
and again.

I’m becoming in tune with this road
that has put so many footprints across
my soul; and mortality, it is the only
fork I see, all the lights that shine,
that part of me that steps out into eternity

There’s been times when I felt I couldn’t go on, life
has a way of pulling you down, but if hell didn’t exist
how would I ever feel the glory of my heavens
Chains broken, I won’t tie myself to the temporary
when I know in my heart the depths of those dens

I am too conscious of my thoughts at times, and when I go there,
it’s hard to break myself away. It becomes a communion
with my physical world and my spirit that draws me to
somewhere where I can see, touch, feel, hear and speak
to whatever, with whomever. Wherever they wander,
…my thoughts.

Passion builds inside and when it escapes, it can go anywhere.
I can do anything when I open that tap that pours sparks out
onto my bare soul, and sometimes barren soul, there’s no stopping

I know I’m hard to grasp, hard to put a handle on, but
it just because I know how to fly, when I spread those wings,
somehow I become stronger every time, and I soar above those
those dens…
And I forgot to tell you,
I have no beginning and no end,
…I’ve stepped into eternity
and there it is…
Again and

:::what a concept:::


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