and a day · Angels · Demons · forever · Strength

Breaking In The Mist…


I looked and there she was again,

angel eyes dipped in sin,

I catch myself in her kiss,

the ones that take away my breaths.

I wanted to reach across the bed,

run my nails across her head.

Soft breaths against the skin of my neck,

those lips smiling in her dreams, instead.

I reached and there she was,

her hand slipped across my fingertips.

Up close, holding me tight right here

demons dancing, they hear my prayer.

I believed once until she held me,

those demons were my only destiny.

Softest soul so needled by life,

The deepness wallowing in strife.

I wandered down the road without a map,

my insides like a tornado in her lap.

Over and over she makes me twist,

stormy heart breaking in the mist.

I wonder, and there it is again,

someday there’s going to be heaven.

Her heart in my eternity, 

the demon in her, the angel in me, …free.



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