Angels · Demons · Eternity · Universe · You

Ever Gonna Be You


Who’s making you cry, making you cry,

there’s no reason to deny,

that connection just a recollection,

do you feel it emptying from you,

bleeding that affection, a release of tension,

It was never about me, just walking through,

Who’s stealing your dreams, stealing your dreams,

I hear it as your mind screams,

Always fire around what you desire,

insatiability never finds its way in ego’s mire,

Who’s that song in your heart, singing in your heart,

there’s a phantom in the chase, you wield a deadly dart,

getting what you crave,

such a let down, the front, have you forgotten how to behave?

Who’s peering out from underneath the lie, underneath the lie,

those eyes that used to shine, how they cry, 

Tear the pages from the book,

that tell you what you must do, how you must look,

Who’s the spirit that rules your soul, rules your soul,

you choose the darkness when the light is so close,

blow on the embers and watch as I rise,

that tongue of flame, that place where I am revived,

Who’s next in that basket of masks, basket of masks,

to fond of the story, to lost in the past,

the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker,

the poison in the apple offered by the snake, shake her,

Who’s venom will you drink from now, drink from now,

the last call, the first call, speak of then, sweat on your brow,

let it out to let it in,

she’ll find that ghost, she will live again…

Who’s making promises that hold you close, that hold you close,

she seeks the only love she knows,

she makes you feel everything, makes her world exist,

I felt it in the way the sun and the moon kissed,

Who’s going to hand you the stars, hand you the stars,

take you to the heavens that you dream …are,

save you from all the shadows that you’ve cast,

build the fire inside, the one thing that will last,

Who’s there to sort it all out, sort it all out,

those whispers, those waters that ripple, tear you down,

the part that will never be tamed,

sometimes you have to be free to find that nothing has changed,

Who’s gonna lead you where you want to be, where you want to be,

return to that familiar place, you are meant for eternity,

nothing is lost when you seek and find your best,

your spirit will quiet when in stillness you find your rest,

Who’s ever gonna be you, ever gonna be you,

I’ve walked the mountains, swam in the blue,

I feel the landslide beneath my feet, the rip tides pulling me through,

from the top, from down below, I am finding myself in the deep, I you



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