It Is What It…Was…


You slip your words inside my mind

and reading them opens doors I keep closed inside

and every time I look around this room I see those

precious memories I stole away and tucked in my soul

but if you think I am a fool, I guess I’ve fooled you

like the motives you have behind everything, too

and there was a light shining there once

but the shades fell

like the lashes of my eyes

spotted you

before you



and those claws need to be sharpened

because the pain has dulled,

that voice you use, you think I am lulled,

and you think I will rip open 

it only takes me to

a place, a time  where

I was


you found me vulnerable,

came like the thunder’s rumble,

you took it as weak,

but those old words echo back again to me,

and I’ll stand strong and see the sun slip over the


I’ve come to call home,

there’s something wild there

that can’t be tamed,

I’ve let every feeling


so when you see me raising my hands to the sky,

see me breathe in and out without that sigh,

just look back through the pages,

there was a time you were my muse

but that was ages


it seems like a million years

that day you drew your knife,

just to wipe away my


I gave you my


but your words held nothing called the truth,

see past the horizon you think you are, and remember the blue,

and no words will bring me to my knees,

I haven’t forgotten that place, my heart’s pleas,

with that pleasure came the poison

and now you come again but this time your words are



like the autumn leaves that rustle in the winds,

with that memory of winter born in its veins,

there comes a realization shining light from within,

and I raise my arms on the mountain,

I stand here wearing my own skin

my heart following the motion

and you…

you will NEVER hurt me




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