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Fire In The Rain


Her whispers peel back your skin,

her fingers trail over every sin,

she tossed back her mane, eyes flashin’ fire

in the rain she was standing in,

She never looks at what is broken, 

can’t recall all the words spoken,

she never hears the sound slipping through your lips,

unsure of what has been awoken,

Those arms wrap around her hips, there’s desire

She pulls the embers from the ashes,

and never cares when the thunder crashes, 

when she sees you in the light,

nothing in life is too drastic,

She screams but you can’t hear your name,

too tightly wound in the ego, tied up in the pain,

Walking away with nothing but her own thoughts,

 she sees your pride, the fight for gain,

It’s funny how she could read the book,

how she could see inside without a single look,

how the roads have been a tangle,

and when the sun comes up, how you’d be shook,

She knew you couldn’t take burning down,

too much dirt covering that ground,

but the thing about life is that it starts over,

comes and then goes around and around,

She lifts her glass, half full and empty,

her nails sliding down the stem is …plenty,

She breathes in the wine, sips sweetly,

memories like falling confetti,

and those whispers that tore you, sew you up, completely,


The veil falls, like a cover,

over her heart 

and all the pictures you painted

have become …graffiti

She listens and from somewhere there’s a whisper,

and for a moment she pulls you in,

tossing back her mane and kissed her

and there was fire in the rain

she was standing in…again…again










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