Waste Not Want Not


The sunset laid their colors upon her shimmering hair,

The silver caught and shone the purples and golds and red,

Her breaths came and went drifting quietly away into the air,

Her face to the warmth showed the sweet peace in her head,

The clouds came and went against cracked porcelain skin,

The leaves rustled as if they whispered among themselves,

Words echoed from the ages as I listened to the wind,

Her small hand laid in mine brought me to the memories,

the heavens, and the hells,

but as I sat there beside her, I could see all the tears and the smiles,

the life she had given me, the words of advice,

the pouring when I thought the rain would never end, the trials,

the nights before Christmas,

were you naughty or nice,

the storybooks and cookbooks, me, with pen in hand,

the games we played with laughter splashing over our lips,

the paper chains she hung every year since I was small,

the letters she saved, yellowed tape on the rips,

she was there for every happiness, every single fall,

and she can’t see the tears as I turn my face to face this day,,

but I feel her spirit connect with mine as I cry,

and even though I can’t look, I feel her slipping away,

a part of her stays with me, and always, there, she’ll reside,

I still talk to her, and I know she’s always here,

I still feel her hand and our beating hearts collide,

And when I need her most,

somehow she is there,

She used to say to me ‘waste not want not’,

and I would look around and only see

the wooden floors I grew up on, the battles that I fought,

never really understanding what those words had really meant,

but now that I look back at everything she’d given freely,

not a moment was lost to want,

for it wasn’t worldly, and now I understand her meaning,

there was love in every step she walked,

it was a lesson she took so long to teach me,

but those words were never lost, only taught,

for when I hear them from my own mouth now,

it’s not about the things you have or don’t,

but the hours that we let slip away, where we come and go,

and it’s up to us whether we will or we won’t,

don’t waste your thoughts on gleaning a barren field,

let the life around you be where you put your mark,

for love can heal a million things, it is our only shield,

keep focused on inner peace, and there will never be another want,

and even though you someday will slip away,

be alive in someone’s heart.

This woman was my Grandmother, she never cursed or took His name in vain, she taught me so many things about life and love and family and though I am thankful for every part of my family and the friends I’ve made and kept…Thanksgiving always reminds me that she’s not here to smack my hand out of the batter, and I don’t get to lick the beaters clean, and those prayers we prayed at the table with my Grandpa at the head, I really miss those long gone times. The way her laughter made me giggle til tears rolled down my face, and the late night games of Canasta, all the games that we played. Her tiny lips pursed as she did the crossword puzzle in the paper, her glasses half way down her nose so she could see me across the table. The rhymes she quoted with me on her knee, there was a little girl who had a little curl right in the middle of her forehead, and when she was good, she was very very good, and when she was bad she was horrid…how right those words came to be but through it all, she loved me so much and so hard and never gave up on her first grandchild, and she took time, time she could have wasted, but she never let me want, and now that I’m grown, children and grandchildren of my own, I look back and see that she lives again every time I see her in me, and I have to thank her for showing me what it means to live and love and give. I am thankful I was so blessed by her and as the time comes for my family to gather around my table, I pray I can live up to her lessons and that I too will be a blessing…I love you Gram and miss you more than words can ever say..Happy Thanksgiving Day..To You All…



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