Darkness · Heart · Light · Love

Into Her Depths


She didn’t become anything but what she became,

the laughter pushed down, the wild, tame,

She hadn’t released the demons she’d called,

she let every optimism become hidden and walled,

She had smiled so easily when she was naive,

now her heart had been scarred and she couldn’t believe,

She wasn’t unsure once upon a lost time,

she let doubt slither into her life, once sublime,

She let pessimism blow down that door,

her dreams walked all over as if they were a floor,

She forgot the power she held deep within,

she let words of others course through her and win,

She never fought though the thought crossed her mind,

she turned her cheek and let her world unwind,

she felt always like she was in check,

just an ace in the hole when she shuffled the deck,

She never looked to see if the cards were marked,

she just took the bite when the dogs barked,

but one day it seemed like the stage was different,

the curtain was lifted and she stepped from its tent,

She heard something inside and remembered the play,

how she’d let all the wonder and beauty slip away,

there under the moon she felt it drain from her spirit,

all the pain and the demons for she could no longer fear it,

She felt her lips part and whisper sweet words,

felt her heart open behind all the closed doors,

no longer a prisoner, no longer subjective,

she knew love, the universe as protective,

She lifted her head that had been bowed for so long,

awakened from a nightmare, wild and strong,

she felt everything in her transform,

she smiled at the pile of the garments she’d once worn,

she slipped into her skin and the world became white,

every mountain crashed to the ground and she became light,

the slate that she’d written on inside of her soul,

wiped clean of the darkness, and she became whole,

like rebirth from a slow seething death,

she dove into the fire, into her depths..



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