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She Breathes Against The Veil

woman in smoke

Feel no pain,

only the silk of her innocence,

the fire in her heart,

the fire down below,

pouring out her power

like the thunder in the rain,

traveling through like

the speed of light,

wearing her down

like a river wears… the stone

and at the bottom of the falls,

turning over and over

until she doesn’t see a direction,

she blinds everything in sight

with her touch, her affection,

undercover, under cover

the ghost of her calls,

the deepest submission,

Feel no fear, she whispers on skin,

those arms that push and pull,

the song that sings to the heart,

the song that tears

limb from limb,

like fingers tapping

to the music,

like wind that strums

across virgin wool,

a rush that drifts

like the light across the room

so dim,

there she goes again,

making those hips

slip apart, a part,

making the emptiness feel so full,

slipping out while she slips in,

Feel every dream, she breathes against the veil,

like a fire turns the wood to coal,

the embers blown just enough to leave a trail,

like a desire that is unreachable,

a fish that gives the hook a spin,

believeable, un believable

stirring the pot, the cauldron of the soul,

a spell cast with the breaths in her voice,

under the light of the waning moon,

she comes and goes

…like she has a choice.




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