Every Time I Listen



The rain is coming down, turning everything to ice,

she sees an angel, finger to her lips,

the sun should be shining loosening the vice,

but the days are caught up in scripts,

The rain is coming down, melting the whole day,

she breaks with every dawn, keeping what she says has

gone away,

the wind isn’t a wind that blows in change,

no matter where she goes nothing seems to rearrange,

The rain is coming down, there’s a calm in its song,

it falls on the umbrella of her emotion,

she hears an angel, a whisper echoing from the throng,

on that cloud she finds peace in her love, her devotion,

The rain is falling down, the world is welcoming the spring,

the sun comes shining shattering the night,

she plants her seeds wondering what garden it will bring,

she sees her angel coming, why is her heart in fight or flight,

The rain is falling down, the ice melts upon her skin,

the sun that once just lit her skies, seems to draw her out,

she lets the breeze be where it ends, where it will begin,

standing in the shadow of her angel, under that never ending cloud,

The rain has turned to a mist, it falls upon a fading beauty,

she can feel the arms of time, reminding her of her mortality,

she clings to the air she breathes to fulfill her duty,

one day she knows she’ll be the angel eternally,

The rain has gone, passing on, 

her eyes close and she follows those dreams,

she stands watching from the mountain,

taking in the oceans filled by her streams,

The rain has washed her clean, the trail of tears fade,

the sun now lights the feathers of her wings,

sunrise in the fields where she once played,

and every time I listen, she sings





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