Just A Speck


She came upon the darkness

but in her eyes she only saw the light,

a little to the left

but mostly it felt right,

and so she let herself be wrapped

in cloaks and pierced with daggers,

believing in the make believe,

the smooth talk and the swaggers,

she held in her too much goodness,

naive to the haunts and the hidden traps,

she pulled at the stars once

but now her heart was held in straps,

She woke only too late, 

time had stolen it away,

every beat of her heart

bled out play by play,

there’s always going to be that question,

or that …come what may,

she finds it hard to even care,

even harder to trust what comes from there,

her only solace comes when she is alone with the earth,

so humbled by the fact that she will never understand her worth,

but somewhere deep inside that peace stands like a rock,

someday she will live there where there is no judge, no clock,

with her eyes, she makes love to the waning moon,

the cliffs are her staircase, falling stars like a harpoon,

and though the sky seems dark, she knows it is her ocean,

and it will wash away the dirt of the hurricanes of emotion,

for now, she will sit in the light of each days fire,

and build one in her spirit of the promise of something higher…



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