Butch Femme

Wipe The Coal From The Diamond


She is the light, the darkness,

there’s smoothness and there’s the edges,

like an eternal spring that leads to thirst,

lost in the depths that she dredges,

She is a perception and a perfection,

making the heart come to attention,

she is the mirror in the reflection,

the descension and the ascension,  

She makes it feel like it’s magic,

like it has purpose and it’s worth it,

but something in her turns tragic,

and she drowns the fire she lit

She breaks and creates the circle,

words in her mind spin and turn the story,

another notch in her journal,

another stone pulled from the quarry,

She wipes the coal from the diamond,

that disconnect from that connection,

her heart falling, her heart climbing,

a single thread, the knife of dissection,

She is the dreamer of nothing real,

under a veil made of silence,

what makes her stand, what makes her kneel,

her axis, her balance,

She dances the dance, her feet float across the floor,

from the first breath taken to her chest aching,

from the mountains to the shore,

from the horizon to the edge of breaking,

She knows and forgets her place,

like a wave that’s pulled back to the sea,

but in the ripples she sees that face,

always drifting back to where she’s meant to be…



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